Edfund Launches New Web Site

We are thrilled to announce that the Hamilton Wenham Edfund has launched a new web site. The site is a better reflection of our mission ("We grant advantage"), is easier to navigate, and most importantly easy for our board members to update.

Built entirely by board members.

You may have noticed that we hadn't updated our web site in quite a long time prior to this relaunch. That's because it was a complex process using outside vendors if we wanted to make any changes.

Not anymore.

As Communications Chair, Dean Tsouvalas, put it:

Informing our donors about the grants we provide to our schools is critically important to us. So we decided to find an off-the-shelf web site platform and rebuild the new site from the ground up all by ourselves. That way we could be certain to have a site we could all easily update without the cost of outside vendors.

So Dean along with board member, Will Burns, and administrator, Heather Tripp, set out to find just such a platform.

Squarespace did the trick.

There are many to choose from, but the platform we chose was Squarespace because Burns had some experience with it and it is well known as an easy platform to use while being fun for people to browse.

The team got to work and created what we have today.

Edfund President, Rob Job, noted the financial benefits of Tsouvalas' approach:

This new site does two things for us: it saves the Edfund money, which means more money can go to grants. And it allows our board members to update it, which means faster updates about our exciting grants for Hamilton Wenham parents. 

This web site is just the beginning. Now that it's on a user-friendly platform you can expect more content, more updates, more pictures, more grant information, more everything.

What to expect.

We have organized the site as follows:

About - learn more about the board, our mission and even check out a video on the Edfund.

Grants - discover the latest grants that are making a difference in our schools as well as how to apply for a grant (for teachers).

Events - how you can support the Hamilton Wenham Edfund at fun events in our community from our Halloween Party to our Christmas Tree sales to our Minute to Win it event and more.

Blog - Read about the latest grants, expert interviews, videos, pictures and other ways the Hamilton Wenham Edfund is making a difference in our community.

Donate - a link to make a donation today and help grant advantages to our students, teachers and educational community.

We would love to hear from you, get your reactions, and get any suggestions you have. As we said, it's super easy to update now!

We are very excited about this new site. It's not often we look internally as an organization. You might say, this time we granted our own advantage.

Comments welcome!