Hamilton Wenham Edfund Transforms Elementary Schools With Learning Commons

In the past year a series of Edfund grants have begun a transformation in our elementary schools as former library spaces transform into 21st century Learning Commons.

It started with Cutler.

Last year Heidi Hebert, Library/Media Specialist at Cutler School, received a grant from the Edfund to re-envision and re-create the Media Center into a flexible, innovative, hands-on space to meet the needs of today’s students. The Cutler Learning Commons has become a model and an inspiration to all three elementary schools.  

Then Buker and Winthrop.

This year, the elementary schools dived in and pushed innovation and creativity further. Gina Putnam’s Edfund grant created a Buker maker-space which will allow students to explore engineering challenges and begin to work with computer programming. At Winthrop, the Edfund supported Tammy Garron’s grant that will be used to incorporate LegoWeDo materials in their media center.

Learning, in common.

Students will be using these new materials to learn life-, physical-, earth-, and space sciences as well as engineering content. The principals at all three schools saw the need for more flexible, transportable, sturdy and accessible technology in their new Learning Commons.

Once again, because of your generous contributions, the Edfund was able to make this vision a reality through a grant providing Chromebooks to all three elementary schools to be used in research, writing and collaborative learning. 

As always, you did this through your contributions. We hope you feel as good about our elementary school transformations as we do. Together, we grant advantage.

To make a contribution to the Hamilton Wenham Edfund, please click here. And thanks in advance.