Living On One Assembly

Living On One Assembly

Mini Prean Tetra Device

Mini Prean Tetra Device

High speed camera for Physics

High speed camera for Physics

We grant advantage.

The Hamilton Wenham Education Fund exists for one reason: to provide potent, often unexpected, competitive advantages to our public schools through carefully-vetted grants. The Edfund Board of Directors reviews grant applications from the schools on a monthly basis.

Those applications that the Board agrees will provide a true competitive advantage to our kids, and that are not programs that should be funded within the normal school budget, are given the green light. Since its inception in 1990, the Edfund has funded more than $1 million in grants to the Hamilton Wenham Regional School District.

How does the Edfund decide which grants to fund?

The Edfund Board encourages teachers and administrators at all of the Hamilton Wenham Schools to request grants to enhance the education they provide to students in K-12 and take advantage of the funding supported by the generosity of our community donors.

The Edfund reviews grant applications on a rolling basis throughout the year and depending on the available funds we determine as a board which grants will have the most meaningful impact for students not only today but going forward. When funds are distributed may depend on the amount requested and available funds at the time of the application.

What types of enrichment are generally funded?

The Edfund span a wide range of educational subjects, like math, English, science, technology, foreign languages, arts, physical education. Technology purchases have included items such as computer labs, computer stations and laptops, Smart Boards, LCD projectors and digital cameras.

Our funding has also provided the latest training opportunities for teachers, supported classroom initiatives, and purchased technology and programs that support individual learning styles. With our new mini-grant program, we hope that individual teachers will request funding for smaller, short-term projects that will directly and immediately benefit their students. Edfund grants have affected all aspects and levels of the educational experience in our district.

Grant Applications & Criteria

Please feel free to contact Grants Committee Chair, Dana Allara at: with any questions.

Scroll through some recent grants.

We invite you to scroll through a few of the advantages we've granted over the last few years. You'll notice every grant improves our children's education either through new experiences, new technologies, or new tools.


We try our best to make the grant application process as easy as possible for teachers and administrators. See below for the important guidelines and forms and please let us know if you have questions. We can't wait to see your grant proposal (seriously).

Grant Criteria

Edfund Grant Guidelines And Criteria (PDF, 2 pages)

Grant Applications

Project Grant Application Form (PDF)
Mini-Grant Application Form (PDF)

Please feel free to contact Grants Committee Chair, Dana Alara at with any questions.

We look forward to seeing your ideas.