Of the people, by the people

The Edfund is a totally independent, non-profit, and volunteer-driven organization serving its supporters, who are committed to advancing educational excellence in the Hamilton/Wenham School District. The Edfund is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of 20 residents of Hamilton and Wenham. Directors are elected by the Board and are eligible to serve two three year terms.

Edfund Board of Directors - 2017-2018:


Committee Chairs

The Board of Directors has reorganized the Edfund's committee structure to implement and manage the initiatives outlined in its Strategic Plan. Each of these five committees is chaired by an Edfund Director and includes members from the Board as well as other members of the community who have expertise in these areas.

Our chairpeople and administrator are:


Board of Directors

And the rest of our fabulous Board of Directors.


Peggy McElhinney

Larry Griffin

Christmas Tree Sales Chair

David DeBiase

Halloween Party Committee

Jordi Chapdelaine, Kevin Dyer, Michelle Horgan, Sharon Esker & Brent Leland

Past Board Members FY 1990 - 2017

Will Burns   Larry Griffin   Donna Gourdeau   Barbara Vanderwilden   Chris Campbell   Christina Comparato   Mela Lew   Heather Ryan   Charlie Guyer   Jim Cooper   Len Dolan   Carolyn Libelo   Michael Abbott    Claudia Frost    Michael McDougall   Dr. John Abramson    Daniel O. Gaquin    Marinel D. McGrath *   Patricia Alger *   Martha Gavin    Frederick Moseley III   Jeffrey G. Barlow    Sarah Gaylord    Rick Moseley   Dorie Barnard    Jack Good    Richard Mougalian   William Bartlett    Thomas Goodwin    Jeffrey Murphy   Jane Bellenis    Tracey Gould    Robert Nyland   Stephen Bergholtz   Connie Gourdeau    Lea Parson   Julie Bishop    Richard Gourdeau    Joanne Patton   Judith Bubriski    Alice Griffin    Michael Prior   Raleigh C. Buchanan *    Bonnie Hammerl    Kevin Puopolo   William Burridge    Alice Griffin    Donald Reed   Joseph “Jay” Butler   Bonnie Hammerl    Elizabeth Reilly   Andrew Calkins    Richard Hayes    Thomas Riley   Grace Chmura    R. Craig Henkels    Tim Robinson   Christopher Connolly    Suzanne Herlihy    Michael Ruane   Dr. Robert Cooley    Ed Hogan    William H. Safrin   Carrie Decatur    Nancy Hughes    Whitney Shepard   Tracey DeJong    Richard Ireland    John Shotwell   James “Chip” Denton    Paula Jerome    Elizabeth Stone   Dennis DiSalvo *    David Johnson    Wendy Tarricone   A. Winslow Dodge    Mark W. Johnson    Laurie S. Truschel   James Dolan    Diane Jones    Joseph Trustey   Gary Domoracki    Cathy C. Lanois    Kristine M. Trustey   Sandra Duryea   John “Jack” Lawrence Jr.    Susan Turnbull   MaryBeth G. Dyer    Fred Lebel    Debby Twining   Elizabeth Elder    William LePard    John Walsh   Steve Ellis    Charlotte Lidrbauch    David Welbourn   Deb Evans    Stephen Liquori    Lucinda Wilkins   Anita Evetts    Patricia Lucy    James Wiltshire   Irvin Falk    Pam Miles MacNaught    Susan Wiltshire   Tricia Fallon    Laney Makin    Leslie Zimring   Mary Jo Favazzo    Gardner McCormick    Ken Wilson   Anthony Feeherry    Pamela McCormick   Maureen E. Flores    Michael McDougall   Dr. Peter Frasca    Pamela McCormick

* Ex-Officio