Frequently Asked Questions

How long has the Edfund been in existence?

The Edfund was incorporated in 1990 and received 501(c)(3) status as a non-profit charitable organization from the IRS in February, 1991. A board of directors was created and populated with residents of both Hamilton and Wenham.

How does a contribution to the Edfund differ from other fundraising for the schools?

Your contribution has a direct impact now and in the future. Much of the schools’ fundraising efforts, like the Friends groups, give everything they collect to the schools. These are important efforts and usually address a direct and immediate need. However, as more needs or shortfalls are identified, those efforts need to start again from scratch - not so with the Edfund.

How does the Edfund impact our schools?

The Edfund exists to provide competitive advantages to our schools through carefully vetted grants. Since it’s inception the Edfund has funded more tha $1 million in grants to the school system.

Why does’t the Edfund use the endowment to pay for school overrides, to fund teacher salaries, or to cover budget shortfalls?

For a few reasons. First and foremost, the central purpose of the Edfund is to create and grow a sustainable endowment that will provide funds for annual grants from the income generated by the fund. If we spent all of the money to address an immediate crisis, we would defeat that purpose. The Edfund was not created to fund ongoing school budget items, but rather to try to provide funds over and above what annual district school budgets can allow, resulting in unique or special programs or supplementary technology to improve learning opportunities

The Edfund raises funds at a variety of events throughout the year. For information about specific fund-raisers, and to learn about opportunities for you and your family to get involved, visit our events page.

How does the Edfund raise money to fund grants to the schools?

What types of grants are funded?

We fund those grants which are principally teacher and administrator driven which provide potent, often unexpected competitive advantages to our public schools. 

What technology initiatives has the Edfund supported?

Technology purchases have included items such as computer labs, computer stations and laptops, Smart Boards, LCD projectors and digital cameras. iPads in the elementary school, an additional virtual high school classroom, a wireless network for the middle and high school, DNA machine at the high school.

How can I support the Edfund?

There are many ways you can support the Edfund. From donating money to participating in our activities to volunteering to help us staff our events. Click here for lots more information about our Events.