Hamilton Wenham Edfund Awards Largest Elementary-School Grant Ever: iPads

A $53,000 grant that provides each of the Buker, Cutler, and Winthrop Schools with 30 iPad Airs, Smart Cases and related technology, was awarded this week by the Hamilton Wenham Edfund. It's the biggest grant in the Edfund's history to the towns'  elementary schools.

The grant allows students to adopt critical 21st learning skills at an earlier age. Kids will be able to wirelessly stream presentations to their class via Smartboard displays (a past Edfund grant), collaborate with classmates to solve problems, showcase their photography and video editing skills, and much more.

A carefully vetted grant.

The Edfund’s support for the iPad Elementary Initiative grew out of an initial grant that the organization made several years ago when it sponsored an iPad pilot program within the schools, the success of which prompted elementary school teachers to ask for a more extensive deployment of this critical learning and development technology tool into the school’s curriculum.

Andy and Lia Wainright, just two of the proud Edfund sponsors at the "Going Places" event.
Andy and Lia Wainright, just two of the 150 proud Edfund sponsors at the "Going Places" event on My 3.

Recent "Going Places" event provided critical funds.

Some of the funds that enabled this grant were raised through a fundraiser held on Saturday, May 3, in an airplane hangar at Beverly Airport. Attended by more than 150 people from across the community, the event, themed “Going Places,” raised more than $10,000 with all proceeds going towards the purchase of new iPads for each elementary school.

Edfund President Jim Cooper had this to say:

Jim Cooper

Jim Cooper

We are thrilled to be able to extend the deployment of iPads in the schools, as it represents the continuation of a pilot we funded a few years ago. To be able to see the success of that effort, and to be part of helping provide technology that clearly will enhance the curriculum, truly is rewarding and is representative of the Edfund’s mission.

You did this.

As always, none of this would be possible without the continued support and generosity of our community which has been the lifeblood of the Edfund over our nearly 25-year history.

Thanks to those who attended the "Going Places" event on May 3, thanks to those who have given to the Edfund this year, and thanks to the teachers and administrators for having the vision to ask for grants like these in the first place.

Will Burns