Donors to the Edfund 2016-2017

We thank the following individuals, foundations, corporations, and other entities for their generous support. 




Mark and Dana Allara


Mr. and Mrs. David de Sieyes and
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm de Sieyes
Robert and Amy Job
Lauren and Michael Prior
Michael and Holly Schmidt


Jeffrey and Melissa Barlow
Dave and Pat Cameron
Peter and Julie Clay
Walter and Dolores Clayton
Jessica and Chris Connors
George and Michelle Gilpin
Cheryl and Alex Glovsky
Kathy and Steve Goeben
Cathy and Larry A. Griffin
Daniel and Michelle Horgan
Anne Hutchins and James Kirschner
Nancy Littlehale
Pam and Gardner McCormick
Connor and Jessica Minnaar
Jon and Linda Rich
Kristine Trustey
Barbara and John Vanderwilden
Lia and Andy Wainwright
Patrick and Nina Wilson



Robert and Brooke Carroll
Leslie and Jordi Chapdelaine
Christina and Chris Comparato
Kristen and Gavin Danaher
Matt and Jen Daniels
Lisa Boudreau and Ian Dent
John and Jill Evers
Charles and Mary Jo Favazzo
Chris and Lisa Fibbe
Hollis and Rosemary French
Peter and Donna Gourdeau
Andrew and Kate Hearns
Josh and Julie Holbrook
Nancy and Scott Hughes
Nicole and Dave Ireland
Stephen and Janet Jones
Dave and DeDe Johnson
Lori and Jay Johnson
John and MaryEllen Kain
Stephen and Amy Kolano
The Labell Family
Jere and Joelle Moroney
Rick and Chessye Moseley
Peter and Abby Schibli
Jen and Jeff Scuteri
Andrea and Craig Stewart
Ivana Szady
Christopher and Kathleen Weld


Laura and Lee Apgar
Martha and Ed Bacigalupo
Katie Perry and Zach Bensley
Katherine and Steven Bergholtz
Scott and Lisa Bial
Ruth and Rob Bossler
The Brizuela Family
Will and Elizabeth Burns
Lea and Tom Callahan
The Clifford Family
Crosby’s Marketplace
Dennis and Kelly Cunningham
David and Cailin DeBiase
Steve and Cindy Demers
Albert W. and Juliana F. Dodge
Eric and Mia Ertel
Ruth Fraser
Ann and Kevin Gasiorowski
Alisa and Michael Greco
Rich and Karyl Hayes
Martha Brennan and William Hines
Donald and Martha Hodgman
Ed and Jude Hogan
Matthew and Barbara Iler
Rick and Barbara Ireland
David and Amy Jones
Stephen L. and Diane S. Jones
Robert and Shauna Joyal
Larry and Amy Katz
Amy and Ed Kurja
Suzanne Lanciani
Mela Lew and Harold Leach
The Marks Family
Anne and Andrew Mauck
Diane and Scott McClintock
Kevin and Kathleen O’Connor
John and Sage Oram
John and Jean Pagliuca
Joanne H. Patton
Jenny and Chris Perkin
Patricia and James Purdy
Mary L. Reinhalter
Henrietta Gates and Heaton Robertson
Heather and Ed Schatz
Chet and Evelyn Shuman
Aimee and David Stidsen
Dean and Sarah Tsouvalas
Aaron and Teresa von Staats
The Waddell Family
Cheryl  and John Walsh
Ann and Roger Washburn
Jack and MaryJane Wilhelm
Emer McCourt and Stephen Willett




Mary and John Adamik
Peter and Kim Barry
Michael and Anne Belliveau
Kirk and Julie Bishop
Mark and Pam Brislin
Juanita and Bud Campbell
Matthew and Kelly Cann
The Caufield Family
James Clyde
Amy Richardson and Chalmers Congdon
Chuck and Sue Cooke
Ben and Nell Coues
Walter and Anne Marie Cullen
Carol and Bob Curry
John and Doreen Cusolito
Jim and Pat DeAngelis
Amy and Tony DeSimone
Marjorie and Ayres D’Souza
Lynnette and Jerry Fallon
Kevin and Kirstin Fitzgibbons
Ann and Paul Foye
Jack and Sue Good
Robert and Sarah Gould
Richard and Connie Gourdeau
Brian and Stephanie Graber
Bob and Barb Grinnell
Catherine and Scott Harrison
Michael Harvey
The Hawke Family
Marcy and Steve Homer
Timothy and Christiane Hopkins
Patty and Scott Janes
Susan and Jack Lawrence
Carolyn and Lee Libelo
Thomas and Cynthia Linkas
The Liphardt Family
Nancy MacLean
Kathy and Scott Marshall
Jackie and Bill Martin
John and Jane McWane
Gregory and Maggie Meahl
Helene Hutchinson and Rob Milne
Carrie Jelsma and Doug Minster
Jonathan and Erica Mitchell
David and Lori Morency
Richard and Susan Morgan
Frederick and Perk Moseley
Stephanie and George Needham
Marinel McGrath and Gary Oakes
Kevin and Trisha O’Shea
David and Laura Page
Lea R. Parson
Christine and Bill Petryszyn
Jefferson and Jane Prince
Mrs. David D. Ryus
Albert and Nanda Scott
John and Stephanie Serafini
Ellen and Keith Shaughnessy
Julie and David Smail
Jane and Randy Smolik
Zach and Jan Soolman
Alisa and Mark Stein
Jim and Teddi Steltenpohl
Howard and Betty Stone
T.M. Landscaping, LLC
Matthew and Kristin Todd
Walt and Linda Tompkins
Andrew and Heather Tripp
Justin and Stacey Verge
Carolyn and Stephen Walsh
Amy and David Wanger
Bruce and Eileen Watkins
The Weihs Family
Oliver and Linda Wolcott
Michael and Cynthia Woods
Mr.  and Mrs. James C. Zampell
Jian and Aihua Zhang Yu



Michael Abbott
Tom and Sue Ackerman
The Baras Family
Alicia and Matt Bielik
Kalil and Dolores Boghdan
Kenneth and Lucy Botelho
Jay and Cathy Butler
Christopher and Brenda Campbell
Greg and Grace Chmura
Elizabeth R. Colt
George H. and Natalie Connolly
Suzanne and Jay Courtney
Thelma L. Durkee
Nancy L. Peterson and Paul Driscoll
Mark and Debbie Everett
Julie and Garrett Flynn
Ganister Fields Architects
Margaret A. Gauthier
David and Melanie Gillis
John and Pat Gillis
Natalie Glovsky
Anya and Tyson Goodridge
Patrick and Naomi Gray
Kim Dietel and Jeff Greenberg
Stephanie MacLeod and Jim Hankin
Jim and Susan Kalloch
Landcare, Inc.
Melissa Woods and Bill LePard
Michael and Patricia Lucy
William and Eliza McConnell
Christopher and Tammy MacKenzie
Jacqueline Magiera
Maureen and John Maier
John Mahaney
Sonia and Joseph Maher
Susanna Colloredo Mansfeld
Jeff and Mary Miller
Ann and George O’Shea
Kathleen O’Shea
Dean and Jane Pedersen
Virginia Perkins
Karen and Bob Popadic
Tom Rogers
Heather and Joe Ryan
Erik and Maryann Sahagian
Bob and Marci Smallman
Ben and Adrienne Stinson
Maureen Hickey and Bill Sullivan
Mike and Shelby Thompson
The Erhard and Tomases Family
Jared Ward
Mairelee Webster
Rainer Kohler and Yan Xu
Clay and Ginny Yonce
Eileen and Mark Young

Matching Gifts

John Hancock Financial Services
Pfizer Foundation
Wellington Management

In Memory Of

Mrs. Eileen M. Campbell
Mr. Michael Szady

In Honor Of

Three Grandsons
Mr. Brett Burnett
Mr. Tom Durkee
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Glovsky
Mr. Jack Gourdeau
Mr. Theodore B. Krouse
Ms. Doris Mahaney
Mr. Kevin O’Reilly
Karl and Lynn Schenker
Mr. Christopher Shailor
High School Teachers, HWRHS
Ms. Kimberly Adsit, MRMS
Ms. Lydia Austin, MRMS
Ms. Beth Blanchard, Buker
Mr. Scott Buchert, MRMS
Ms. Nora Burnett, HWRHS
Mr. Chris Campbell, HWRHS
Ms. Xi Chen, MRMS
Ms. Sheila Concannon, MRMS
Ms. Kristin Contois, MRMS
Ms. Abigail Croyle, HWRHS
Ms. Chrissy DeLima, MRMS
Mr. Erik Fecke, MRMS
Mr. Matthew Fitzgibbons, HWRHS
Ms. Elisabeth Flanagan, MRMS
Ms. Catherine Frost, MRMS
Mr. Matthew Gauron, HWRHS
Ms. Lisa Geraghty, Buker
Ms. Janice Gauthier, MRMS
Dr. Michael Harvey, Superintendent
Ms. Anne-Marie Haskell, MRMS
Ms. Diana Headrick, MRMS
Mr.  Benjamin Hellman, HWRHS
Ms. Adria Ibarra, Cutler
Ms. Laura Irwin MRMS
Ms. Karen Kelly, MRMS
Mr. Johann Knets, HWRHS
Mr. John Kotch, HWRHS
Mr. James Laselva, HWRHS
Ms. Susan Lucia, Cutler
Mr. Joseph Maher, HWRHS
Ms. Deidre McCrae, MRMS
Mr. Bryan Menegoni, HWRHS
Ms. Emily Neault, MRMS
Ms. Regina O’Neil, HWRHS
Ms. Amy Orlando, Buker (2) 
Ms. Danielle Petrucci, MRMS
Mr. Nicholas Ristaino, HWRHS
Mr. Kevan Sano-O’Brien, HWRHS
Dr. Jen Sauriol, HWRHS
Mr. Steve Sawyer, HWRHS
Mr. Tate Shippen, HWRHS
Ms. Julie Stone, MRMS
Mr. Eric Tracy, HWRHS
Mr. Tyler Walker, MRMS
Mr. Jeffrey Walsh, HWRHS
Mr. Josh Wedge, MRMS